My Journey to Healthy Living Fat To Fit at 40

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Erin Freel,  Keynote Speaker

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As advocates of the agriculture industry we tout the wonderful health benefits of the products we grow and raise, yet as an industry, our demographics are the same as the general population: nearly 70% of the ag population is overweight or obese. Erin Freel was no different. Overweight and obese most of her life she realized it was time for a change. Listen as she tells you about her 100 lb. transformation. During her presentation you’ll have a hard time writing down all the tips and tricks you can implement immediately. Learn how weight loss and weight gain is “all about math” which was a real problem for this right-brained communications major. Now she loves math, because it saved her life. She’s passionate about wellness because lifestyle diseases are killing our country, but they are preventable.

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Speaking Engagements

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Speaking Engagements May 13, 2015