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What’s So Great About January? January 6, 2016

Goals, resolutions, gyms, workouts – it all sounds so exhausting.  It’s January.  We are all hopeful for change.  Here’s what my January looked like three years ago….

My sister asked me to join the gym with her.  I did.  I said I would start working out.  I did. I told myself I would not change my diet.  I didn’t.  I mean honestly, I didn’t want to be sore and hungry.  So for four months I went to the gym.  I didn’t lose one pound.  Sad, huh?  Waste of time? No, not really.  Because even though I didn’t lose any weight (you can’t out train a bad diet), I still formed a new and lasting habit of exercising.  When I started that April of watching what I put in my mouth it all came together.  So while the scale noticed the first change in April, my life really began changing in January.

Do something this month.  Make a change that forms a habit.  You may not see the results, but consistency is the key.

Here’s a recent radio interview I did for AgNet West in California.


What’s So Great About January?

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Erin Mann

What’s So Great About January? January 6, 2016