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Run the Mile You’re In June 3, 2015

Today is June 3, 2015.  It’s also National Running Day.  In all my previous years on the planet, I never knew there was such a day, but since running has changed my life, I feel the need to celebrate.  When I like something, I really like something.  I’m a passionate person.  So running is important to me – I feel as if I’m having a love affair with it.  But let me be honest, like any wonderfully passionate relationship, there are ups and downs.  And it’s the lows that make the highs so great.  Every run is not great for me.  I don’t jump out of bed and kill it every morning.  I rarely come back from a run feeling worse than when I left, but I do have runs that I think I should have performed better.  I run through injuries.  I run in the rain.  I run in the Florida heat.  I don’t consider it work, but it can be tough.  I say this because sometimes I think people look at me (now) and think running comes easy.  It never came easy and it’s not easy now.  That’s why I love it.  It’s a challenge every time I lace up.  If you aren’t running but instead walking, fine walk.  Don’t feel pressured.  I was resting an injury last week and I walked 4 miles every evening.  Guess what, it was wonderful.  Burn the calories however it works for you and as with life RUN THE MILE YOU ARE IN.  No one knows your struggles or what workout you’ve already done for the day or what responsibilities you have later that day.  When I’m running a race or just running the trail and I’m starting to have those negative mental thoughts – I just keep repeating RUN THE MILE YOU ARE IN.

(Besides, you could run 10 miles straight, but cute guy from the neighborhood is only going to pass you when take your walk break.)



Run the Mile You’re In

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Erin Mann

Run the Mile You’re In June 3, 2015