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“I Didn’t Do Anything!” August 25, 2015

Seth Godin had a great blog post recently about regrets. He said when we were younger, as toddlers, our defense against getting in trouble was, “I didn’t do anything.” Yet as adults, somewhere that flips. Not doing something means potentially having regrets.

Why should I try to lose weight again?
Why bother signing up for that race or triathlon?

Whatever you are thinking about doing or achieving, why not? What do you have to lose? If your in your 20s and it takes you another 20 years….(think about that, that’s a long time to struggle and fail), but if it takes you that long to get it right, it will still be worth it. I know. I didn’t reach my goal until 41, but I feel like my whole life is in front of me.

The successful relationship goes to the couple that sticks it out, the successful business is run by the entrepreneurs that keeps honing their craft and innovating and the healthy body goes to the person who never never never quits the race. If you want to run a marathon at 90, I think that’s a great age to start. Age matters nothing to me, health is a far better indicator to gage your life’s good days by. No regrets. Do something!


“I Didn’t Do Anything!”

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Erin Mann

“I Didn’t Do Anything!” August 25, 2015